15 Awkward Moments We Experience Everyday

Life is awkward. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. That awkward moment when your enthusiasm is unrequited

2. or when your friends decide to third wheel you

3. That awkward moment when you get caught peepin’

5. That awkward moment when it clearly says ‘pull’

6. or when you realize you didn’t actually need a safe word

7. That awkward moment when you let one slip

8. or when someone starts crying at work

9. or when you forget there’s more work after a liquid lunch

10. That awkward moment when you realize your fav place is also your ex’s fav place

11. or when you forget how to stairs

12. That awkward moment greetings haven’t been agreed upon

13. and lines have been crossed

14. That awkward moment when you forget what you were talking about

15. and when it’s gone on too long

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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