3 More Great Reasons To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

BuzzFeed hosted a Skillshare class enticing participants to come up with their own pitches for Virgin Mobile’s Valentine’s Day campaign. Did they ever. Here are three of them.

1. Mark Giangreco

If you want to view Mark Giangreco’s full pitch, check it out here.

2. Alex Nucci

If you want to view Alex Nucci’s full pitch, check it out here.

3. Nicole Murakami

If you want to view Nicole Murakami’s full pitch, check it out here.

What’s perhaps the best part? All of the class fees went to Project Tutor, a nonprofit that dedicates itself to giving inner-city kids access to top-quality tutoring services. Everyone has the right to a personal, comprehensive education—and Project Tutor helps do that. Congratulations to the creators of these pitches!

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