2012: The Year In Bad GIFs

Oh 2012, you drunk. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. The Federalis shut down the fileshares

2. Facebook made a big splash in the markets

3. Korea had a big year, North & South

4. Bath salts got a lot of ink

5. The Cruiser got divorced. Totally didn't see that coming.

6. There's gonna be more Star Wars!

7. George Lucas will not be involved!

8. The Queen had a jubilee

9. and Britain hosted the Olympics

10. According to Facebook, there was an election.

12. There was malarky

14. The Hunger Games turned out to be pretty awesome

15. Warlord Joseph Kony had a tough year. So did masturbator, Jason Russell.

16. Ann Curry got canned for being too smart or something.

17. Scientists sequenced bigfoot's DNA… seriously.

Seriously, take a look.

18. Biebs got singled out

19. Snooki had a baby. I repeat. Snooki. Had a baby.

20. Sandy hit us like a ton of bricks

You can help here

21. Oh, and the fiscal cliff is coming.

Later 2012,

Virgin Mobile

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