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20 Spelling Misteaks That Need Check

What would happen to communication if we suddenly lost our ability to use spellcheck? Let's hope we never have to find out. (shudder) Much lurve - Virgin Mobile

1. Don't blame him. He voted for Pallin.

2. "Quality and Standards"

3. Pretty sure she has at least one regert

4. Kids say the darndest... WHAT?!

5. If you don't go to shcool, you'll never learn to spel

6. Smothies & denish on me!

7. Not sure if misspelt, or Futurama reference

8. What a difference a lil' "C" makes

9. Except this totes permanent mistake

10. T.G.I.F.

11. Coome on, Papi! You're better than that.

12. Made with real chiket parts!

13. Insert "auto" erotic asphyxiation joke here

14. Derpberry

15. And a harpy nu yeerer

16. Might need to re-prioritize

17. Ain't nobody got time for spelling during the zombie apocalypse

18. Mmmmmm casadias

19. But it's right there!

20. #16 Spelling


-Virgin Mobile