20 Life Is Hard Moments

Life is rough, but don’t give up. Retrain you brain and get after it. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. How do I sandwich?

2. How do I toilet?

3. How do I abs?

4. How do I parking?

5. How do I bike?

6. How do I electricity?

7. How do I pants?

8. How do I seatbelt?

9. How do I hands?

10. How do I cup?

11. How do I eggs?

12. How do I drawer?

13. How do I toothpaste?

14. How do I Grandpa?

15. How do I boobs?

16. How do I sit?

17. How do I spaghetti?

18. How do I closet?

19. How do I human?

20. Why do I even cake?

For answers to these questions and more -

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