20 Holiday Reactions We’re All Having

Famous people feeling the holidays like you feel them. Much Happy - Virgin Mobile

1. Seeing all the presents under the tree

2. When everyone else is opening their presents

3. When it’s finally your turn

4. Pretending to like a crappy present

5. Getting just what you asked for

6. Finally getting mom a better gift than your siblings

7. When Christmas Vacation comes on the TV

8. When it’s time to take family pictures

9. When your favorite cousin does a pop in

10. When your parents ask you to go to midnight mass

11. Telling them you aren’t going

12. When they guilt you into going anyway

13. When they tell you, you’re sitting at the kids table

14. When you refuse

15. When they make you anyway

16. When there isn’t a vegetarian option

17. When your grandparents leave and you can finally get drunk

18. When you head out to the bar

19. Trying to remember last night

20. Finally remembering

Happy Holidays,

Virgin Mobile

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