16 Ways Santa Is Just Like Celebrities

Even Santa needs an agent, a PR team, and some good press every now and then. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. He Avoids the Paparazzi

2. But makes an exception for fans

3. He's Really Into Kids

4. And gives his weird names like Dasher or Apple

5. He's got a crazy red ride

6. But needs someone else to guide it

7. If you're lucky, he crashes your party

8. And brings something for everyone

9. People line up to meet him

10. And send letters when they can't

11. He's got a woodshop

12. And is said to have a twinkle in his eye

13. No one's really sure how old he is

14. Because he never seems to age

15. He dresses kinda flashy

16. But deep down inside, we all wish we could live just one day in his shoes

Much Love,

Virgin Mobile

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