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15 Totally Appropriate Reactions To Sexting The Wrong Person

It's bound to happen...

1. When they're into it and they ARE hot.

2. When they're into it but NOT hot.

3. When the "wrong" person sexts me back.

4. When I sexted Dad.

5. When I sexted the ex.

6. When I sexted the other ex.

7. When they sext me back.

8. When I sexted my boss.

9. When I sexted my grandmother.

10. When I sexted my mother.

11. When I sexted my coworker.

12. When I accidentally sexted the same wrong person twice.

13. When I sext the wrong person and try to think of a lie to get out of it.

14. When I don't even care who I sexted.

15. When I realize I actually sexted the right person.