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15 Facebook Habits You Need To Break Right Now

Stop annoying everyone, and get gooder at social media and stuff. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Liking every single thing anyone says or does.


It's a lil creepy, bro.

2. Tagging pics no one wants to be tagged in.


Some people have jobs.

3. Inviting your entire friend list to your weird ass events.


Ain't nobody got time for that.

4. Having personal conversations in your very public feed.

5. Taking lame quizzes and sharing your lame results.


No one is remotely interested in which Game of Thrones Character you are. Because you're probably Joffrey. Because you suck.

6. Liking your own posts.


High-fiving yourself in public. Xactly.

7. Making a pic of your child your profile pic.


Someday that child is going to grow up and wonder why mom & dad were so cavalier about the use of his/her image.

8. Begging for likes.


Show some dignity.

9. Breaking up in front of everyone.

10. Reposting a chain post.


This is not why Al Gore invented the internet.

11. Allowing updates from your games to post to everyones feed.


I hope your farm burns to the virtual ground, and all your animals virtually die.

12. Holding a public pity party for yourself.


Hide. Unsubscribe. Unfriend.

13. PDA



14. Getting all religious. / Via

Old timers used to call it "wearing it on your sleeve". It annoyed them as well.

15. Missing the moment you're in, to share it with everyone who's not actually there.


Put the phone down, and live your damn life.


- Virgin Mobile