15 Animals That Don’t Know Their Place In The Animal Kingdom

Are you a man, or a mouse, or a honey badger? Meet some animals that have no idea. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. Hey plug one and plug two, step off.

2. You want a piece? Yo quiero Taco Bell, chump!

3. Come at me, bro.

4. Shut up and drive.

5. This is not happening. Oh man, does that guy have a camera. Just be cool, Tony. This is sooo not great.

6. Check me out. I'm Jenny Lewis!

get it? get it?

7. Pull in here. I need to make a deposit.

8. Our children shall rule the Earth!

9. Y'all mind if I crash here 'til Thanksgiving?

10. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

11. Raptor! Rawwr!

12. Where you headed?

13. Follow me guys, we're going to the dog park.

14. It's your time. Fly, Clarabelle. Fly!

15. Which came first? I did. The cat did. Shut up.

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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