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11 Things No One Wants To See You Instagram

After the announcement of Instagram for Android phones, we thought a helpful reminder was needed to keep your friends, well, friends.

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Cool. Now eat it and get your ass over to the epic party you're about to miss.

Self Shots

The vintage tone really brings out your pecs and rebel lifestyle.

Your Feet/Shoes

OK, there is a small segment of the population who collect these type of pictures, but we don't think Rex Ryan is in your friend list.


It just . . . it's like, life. You know, man?


How will you even tag it on Facebook?

You Being Bored

Great. Now we're bored too.

Other People's Photos

You can't be a photographer by association.

Clouds Outside Your Airplane Window

Thanks for reminding us that we're not on vacation.

You Trying to Be Artsy

Life is art - Art is life. But not always.

Anything in the Bathroom

That's just crap.