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10 Celebs That Just Don't Get The Internet

Internets. How do they work? Much Love, Virgin Mobile

1. Samuel L. struggles with autocorrect

2. Sammy could never hit the change up

3. Ashanti is on the cutting edge

4. Scumbag Woody Harrelson doesn't Reddit

5. Tyrese Gibson totally gets it.

6. Susan Boyle's ill-advised use of hashtags to promote "stuff"

7. Lena Dunham letting it all hang out on Instagram (as if we don't see enough of her on Girls)

8. Wow, Bow Wow. Wow.

9. Lindsay's not sure where she is, again.

10. Jonah Hill's 216,000 fans enjoy radio silence

The lesson as always, is be more like George Takei


-Virgin Mobile