10 8-Bit Video Game Theme Songs That Won’t Quit

If you held a joystick between the years of ‘82 and ‘93, you’re sure to love 8-bit. Embrace the nostalgia and listen to our top 10 favorites.

1. Castlevania

I basically hum this all day while I whip stuff.

2. Kid Icarus

This digital sonic masterpiece brought me to close too the sun.

3. Demon Sword

It only sounds like the harsh wails of your enemies when you close your eyes. Don’t close your eyes.

4. Final Fantasy

It’s the soundtrack to the first (but not the last) time you didn’t kiss a girl.

5. Kung Fu

This song makes me want to kick some shin.

6. Skate or Die

Sometimes death is the only option.

7. Super Mario Bros.

Get up and dance. DANCE!

8. Ghosts ‘N Goblins

I still hear this every time I see a cemetery. Makes funerals more fun!

9. The Legend Of Zelda

It’s what you hear in your head every time you have sex, and you know it.

10. Rush’n Attack

The best non-bluegrass chase music of all time.

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