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The 11 Stages Of Seeing A New Movie Before Any Of Your Friends

Movies are meant to be talked about. But what about when you see a new movie before your friends — or before it's even released? With Virgin Mobile Canada, you get a shot at VIP screenings and awesome movie deals.

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1. You get tickets to an advanced screening... and you're pumped!

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You. Literally. Cannot. Even.

2. You feel oh so fancy about seeing it first.

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You're practically an industry insider.

3. And afterwards, you're so excited to tell everyone all about it.

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"Oh my gawd! I want to say SOMETHING!" But no one else has seen the movie yet...

4. But then the wait for the movie to come out in theaters begins.

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What is taking so long?

5. You gloat to everyone about how amazing it was in the meantime.


You relish in people saying, "I didn't think that was out yet," because you can respond, "It's not."

6. You can't stop quoting the movie even though no one gets the reference.

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And your friends are getting visibly annoyed with you.

7. You resort to posting a stream of mundane updates to distract yourself.


But all you really want to do is post spoilers!

8. You can barely have a conversation without giving something away.

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So everyone stops listening to you.

9. All you want to do is jam out to the soundtrack.

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But no one else seems to care.

10. And pretty soon everyone you know is avoiding you.


"Hey, wasn't that Kyle from the office?"

11. And finally, the movie is released, and you can relax.

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Being a trendsetter is hard work.

It's not easy being a VIP.

With Member Benefits from Virgin Mobile Canada, that could be you. Can you handle it?