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    • vforvindicated

      My ex and I dated for 3 and a half years, we had been friends for 3 years before that so when we got together officially we moved in together and lived together for those 3 and a half years. After a few months in we were planning on getting married some day.  Fast forward to year 2 I started to talk about buying us a house. By year 3 that was a reality. It ended because after all the talk he was never really communicating with me and was not ready for that step. It turns out he had actually been planning on moving away and hadn’t included me in that conversation either.  Looking back on it I learned a lot from that relationship. He was a good guy but had a lot of growing up to do and a lot of self reflection. So did I. The reality is I wasn’t happy for the last year or two of our relationship and it should have ended sooner but you get to a point where the effort and the fear keep you there, you settle. I was always waiting for one thing to change, one thing to be different, and then it would get better…but the whole time I was settling for unhappiness. From that relationship I learned what I’m really looking for in a partner and that if you’re unhappy you need to make a change, whether that is communicating and working together (ideal with the right partner) or realizing that maybe the relationship just isn’t meant to be.

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