The hoaxers say that gender, race theory, and sexuality studies are corrupting academia. Critics say the experiment was itself a biased sham.

Virginia Hughes • 19 days ago

James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo discovered different ways to unleash a patient’s immune system against cancer.

Virginia Hughes • 22 days ago

The Arizona State University professor has been accused of inappropriate behavior spanning more than a decade.

Virginia Hughes • 2 months ago

Did the viral recording actually come from a human voice, or was it all a marketing stunt? Here’s how an audio geek discovered the truth about the “Frankensound.”

Virginia Hughes • 4 months ago

Mark Adelman was chief of vascular surgery at the NYU School of Medicine.

Virginia Hughes • 5 months ago

Experts say it's likely an unprecedented use of the technology, and worry about privacy implications.

Dan Vergano • 5 months ago

On Tuesday, Arizona State University said that professor Lawrence Krauss is banned from campus while the school investigates allegations revealed in a BuzzFeed News article. The announcement followed Krauss’s resignation from the elite “Doomsday Clock” group.

Peter Aldhous • 7 months ago

Lawrence Krauss is a famous atheist and liberal crusader — and, in certain whisper networks, a well-known problem. With women coming forward alleging sexual harassment, will his “skeptic” fanbase believe the evidence?

Peter Aldhous • 8 months ago

Sea ice melted, natural disasters were disastrous, US life expectancy dropped, and the Trump administration lent a sympathetic ear to climate and vaccine deniers.

Virginia Hughes • 9 months ago

WARNING: Do not stare directly into these jokes.

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

Hundreds of thousands of science supporters showed up on Saturday to protest the Trump administration. What they got was a “nonpartisan” nerd parade.

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

Two years after The Dress broke the internet, scientists are converging on an explanation: The dress color you see depends on unconscious assumptions about the light shining on it.

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

The discoveries, people, and photos that mattered to science this year.

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

Rising temps, medical failures, harassers, those poor giraffes. :(

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

They're scared about climate change, biomedical research funding, and a general backlash against the "elite," among other things. "I feel sick to my stomach," one scientist told BuzzFeed News.

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

Whether peddling vitamins, sympathizing with the anti-vaccine movement, or Tweeting their favorite foods, Trump and Oz both project an outsider, folksy, tell-it-like-it-is persona that the public craves.

Virginia Hughes • 2 years ago

New outbreaks of Zika are still cropping up in regions across the globe, including Singapore and Guinea-Bissau.

Virginia Hughes • 2 years ago

If confirmed, it could be the beginning of a US-based outbreak.

Virginia Hughes • 2 years ago

The latest longevity drug has extended lifespan in mice by 30%. People can’t try it yet, but their dogs can.

Virginia Hughes • 2 years ago

Great science stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

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