20 Life Lessons From “How I Met Your Mother”

After nine seasons, we’ve learned a lot more from How I Met Your Mother than just the story of…well, how he met the mother.

1. If you and your friends are dressing up as a group, make sure you coordinate your costumes.

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Because you’ll all want to be Bender.

2. You are never too old to play children’s games…

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3. …and you don’t have to feel old because you don’t want to go to clubs.

Let’s face it, we all want to stay home and watch TV most of the time.

4. Never force a relationship, especially if you know it’s doomed from the beginning.

5. Double dates will always suck for one of the couples.

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Seriously, never do it.

6. There can be more than one “The One.”

And yes, that includes food.

7. Love is about never giving up…

8. … and it can last for ETERNITY.

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9. When you start a relationship, you might end up letting yourself go a little.

We’ve all been there.

10. It’s completely valid to throw Star Wars references in any kind of situation.

11. Your best friends are those who will always tell you the truth about yourself.

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Even if it sucks.

12. It’s perfectly fine for men to drink pink cocktails.

Well, they are delicious! Everybody should drink these things every day.

13. You will hate the nicknames your friends will give you, but they will do it anyway.

14. Every time you think you are being philosophical and smart, your friends will see you as pretentious.

15. The Hot-Crazy scale.

If she’s crazy, she needs to be equally hot. Barney fact.

16. Everybody goes through a hippie phase at least once.

17. If you wake up and you can’t remember what happened the night before, it’s for the best.

Some things need to remain a mystery.

18. Whenever you are in a relationship, your single friends will find you cheesy and annoying.

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19. NEVER make a slap bet with a 6’2” tall guy.

20. There are some friends you will want to keep for the rest of your life.

If there is something HIMYM has taught us with each episode, it’s that.

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