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How To Fall In Love On An Airplane

You're stuck in the air for a few hours, might as well look around for a soulmate. These tips will work about 80% of the time - 100% of the time. Virgin America does a pretty good job of setting the mood, so step one is to book a flight with them.

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So your flight has just taken off, and you're looking to make something resembling a love connection with a fellow passenger.

First thing's first.

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Now you've got to catch your neighbor's eye. Use your face.

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Good. Now's the time for conversation. It's best to come prepared with topics that are sure to spark a lively and engaging discourse. It is perfectly acceptable to bring notecards.

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No luck? Don't worry. Virgin America has a feature now where you can order drinks for fellow passengers using your touch screen. Wait for things to get loosey-goosey.

Now's the time to give your new friend a compliment. It should be both genuine and as specific as possible.

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You will inevitably need to use the lavatory. The aisle is your catwalk, treat it like one.

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When you return - and this is important - lean in and say quietly, "Did you miss me?"

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At this point, you must make your intentions known.

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Did that backfire? Don't panic. Go for the Hail Mary. Get the attention of all the passengers -

- and do like Adam Sandler did in The Wedding Singer. If this doesn't work, hang up your relationship hat. You're done.

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Let Virgin America set the mood. The rest is up to you.