36 Of The Absolute Best Curvy Costume Ideas

    Ready to have your Hallo-mind blown?

    1. Oh my GLOB, you guys. It's Lumpy Space Princess.

    2. Sailor Moon & her sideeye-slinging sidekick

    3. Dr. Who called and he said you're the hottest Tardis EVAR

    4. Hey Bobby, it's Linda Belcher

    5. D&D Dungeon Master FTW (holy shit this is amazeballs)

    6. Lime green tutu NOT optional for this witch

    7. Ursula: she's got this total poor unfortunate souls fetish

    8. Snow White - she talks to deer and also sometimes makes bad decisions about fruit

    9. Is this Miss Piggy's new bae? We're not telling!

    10. Glinda the Good Witch never looked so guuuud

    11. Ok so we're at #11 and so it's clearly time for another Ursula

    12. Tina Belcher - Turn down for butt.

    13. Nyan Cat: We asked for a statement from Nyan Cat and he said Nyanyanthisisgreatyanyanya

    14. Michael is modeling one of my favorite looks - The Slutty Pumpkin. Add thigh highs and red lipstick to any Halloween look and watch it morph instantly. Try also: Slutty Candy Corn, Slutty Cat, and Slutty Taco.

    15. Queen of Hearts + Cheshire Cat: dynamic babe duo

    16. Pam Poovey: She's a desirable full-bodied woman and she likes yummy, yummy cocaine

    17. America Chavez of Young Avengers

    18. Best band in Fresno/THE WORLD - Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries (they have a song called Pizza Girlfriend and a song called 420 Baby Slut, y'all) are Zombie Spice Girls

    19. Princess Caroline from Bojack Horseman

    20. Velma Dinkley: Solver of crimes, cartoon feminist and subject of much erotic fan fiction

    21. Tweedle Dee-mazing

    22. Makes ya wanna lose a tooth, doesn't she?

    23. Madeline: she's 7, she's French, what's not to lurve?

    24. Hilda!!! the 1950s plus size pinup girl

    25. Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (and drinker of hunk tears)

    26. Channeling Carrie so haaard in this Zombie Prom Queen look

    27. Bride of Frankenstein: death really becomes her

    28. Medusa: snakes on a plait

    29. Mermaid/Merbabe: she lures sailors in with her siren song

    30. Amethyst from Steven Universe

    31. Walter Sobchak: the dude abides


    32. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: if you idolize wise anthropomorphic rats, love pizza, and frequent sewers this might be the costume for you, my friend

    33. Be a cute, sleepy panda

    34. And what have we learned from this list, friends? That being a sea witch is amazeballs

    35. This is Cursula, the Sea Bitch.. oknobutreally this is Kristy Boyer and she's in the GODDAMN Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers

    36. Divine from Pink Flamingos: if the life of crime is for you then Babs Johnson is who you want to channel come 10/31