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    20 Amazing Haircuts Every Curvy Girl Will Want

    Warning: This post will make you want to get your hair did ASAP.

    1. Choppy bangs provide a vampy look.

    2. Add rainbow highlights to a punky pixie.

    3. Long, wispy bangs with bright highlights are the stuff that hotties are made of.

    4. Definitely add amazing eyeshadow and a "fat babe" necklace to your short 'do.

    5. Get the fade. Add some blonde ombré highlights.

    6. Neon says "unforgettable."

    7. This babe calls her look "The Fat Mermaid." Long waves with aquatic color around the face, side-swept bangs, long layers.

    8. Chunky on top and sparse on the sides. Pair with cat-eye frames for best results.

    9. Buzz it. Dye it. Wear it with a crop top.

    10. Shaving down the sides and keeping the top long means you get to share your buzzed look with only those who deserve it.

    11. Asymmetrical with blue and green highlights.

    12. Change up your look. Often.

    13. Just blue it already.

    14. Pixie cut in pastel. With a pink tutu. Done.

    15. This princess palette is très femme.

    16. Bald for the ultimate badass.

    17. Short. Red. With cat ears.

    18. This pink pixie inspires cotton candy dreams.

    19. Trim the sides ALL the way down. Add eyeliner. Take over the planet.

    20. Asymmetrical micro-bob with ombré FTW.