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A Cheat Sheet On How To Import Outlook Express To Outlook 2016

Planning to Import Outlook Express to Outlook and then know how to convert DBX Files to PST. Then this article is for you

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So why should one import Outlook Express to Outlook 2016?

In today's world Microsoft Outlook is considered as one of the most useful email clients due to its various features and its effectiveness. Not only this MS Outlook is also very much compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. So it is kind of a gift for many of us. Being an expert, I use Outlook for my personal and professional use. I used to use Outlook Express earlier but it become outdated and MS Outlook is the new thing. That is many users are planning to import Outlook Express to Outlook.

What Is DBX Files?

In laymen terms, DBX files are basically MS Outlook Express files which OE uses to store your emails and other data.

What Is PST Files?

Like DBX files, PST files are the storage formats or files used by MS Outlook to store users data for later use.

How To Import Outlook Express To Outlook PST In Two Easy Steps

There is only one way through which any user can import DBX files to PST and that is by transferring Outlook Express files to Windows Live mail and then importing those Live Mail files to Microsoft Outlook.

How To Export Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail

Step 01: If you don't have then download Windows Live Mail.

Step 02: Install it in your system

Step 03: Locate you DBX files. For this Open your Outlook Express - Click on Options - Now go to Maintenance Tab - and click on Store Folder Button

Step 04: This will open a new window - copy the folder path

Step 05: Now paste this folder path in Windows Explorer and copy all the DBX files or just keep in mind the folder path

Step 06: Now open Windows Live Mail

Step 07: Go to file tab on the tope left corner of your Live mail and click on Import Messages

Step 08: This will open a new window - select Microsoft Outlook Express and click Next

Step 09: Click on Browse button - and locate the DBX files in your system or just copy paste the earlier folder path

Step 10: Now after locating your DBX files select the folders that you want to convert from DBX to PST / Windows Live Mail. And click Next

Step 11: And it done. Click Finish

So, now you have converted Outlook Express files to Windows Live Mail. Hence let's check out the last step that is

How To Convert Windows Live Mail Data To Microsoft Outlook

Step 01: Open both MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail

Step 02: Select File in Windows Live Mail and click on Export Email and then Email Messages

Step 03: As soon as you click, a new window will pop up and select Microsoft Exchange and click Next

Step 04: A new box will open showing this message "This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook" Click on OK

Step 05: Now select the folders that you want to export from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook

Step 06: The export process would start. Wait for sometime till it finishes.

Step 07: Finally it's done. You have successfully import Outlook Express To Outlook files. Click Finish

Note: For the safety of your database, always keep a backup of your DBX files. As this manual method is not that effective every time.

So How To Convert DBX Files To PST If The Manual Techniques Doesn't Work

These techniques are good but they are not that effective in various situations. Plus they take a long amount of time to convert DBX files to PST format.

So what should anyone do?

If manual techniques doesn't work then one should choose a DBX To PST Converter. Yes, apart from this converter tool, it is kind of a daunting task to convert DBX files to PST.

This DBX to PST Converter is one of the most effective and reliable way to import Outlook Express To Outlook.

And btw, If your DBX files gets corrupted or inaccessible for any reason, you may also check out this DBX Recovery Tool.

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