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Small Potato Pancakes With Lingonberries

These mini-pancakes have been popular in Sweden for generations. Kids especially love them.

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Small Potato Pancakes With Lingonberries / Potatisplättar Med Rårörda Lingon

These delicious small potato pancakes are often done with leftover potato mash and served with wild lingonberries stirred with a tiny amount of sugar to soften the sourness of the red berries. Sometimes this dish is also served with fläsk, Swedish bacon.

Serves 4


4 cooked chilled potatoes or leftover mashed potatoes (about 1,5 cups)

3 eggs

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

2 ½ cups whole milk

pinch of salt

About 3 tablespoons butter to fry in

Serve with fried bacon and Rårörda lingon (find the recipe here)


Mash the cooked potatoes. Whisk milk, flour, eggs and salt to create a pancake batter and add the mashed potatoes.

Fry in small pancakes (about two inches in diameter) in butter in a cast iron pan until golden. Serve immediately with lingon berries and whipped cream for a sweet meal or with lingonberries and fried bacon for savory.

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