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Why You Should Visit The Sigiriya Rock Fortress In Sri Lanka

You remember that famous rock in Sri Lanka that’s going viral on Instagram posts? Here’s why Sigiriya Rock why you need to visit it RIGHT NOW. Stay at a hotel in the vicinity, such as Sigiriya Jungles, for a good view of the rock.

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Sigiriya Rock was believed to have been a hiding place for King Kasyapa in 477 CE and proved to be a great site to build a kingdom. He built his fortress and a complex city during his reign. During his final battle, the King fell on to his own sword to avoid surrendering.


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The king’s palace was built on the summit of this beautiful rock, which covers 1.6 hectares. Remnants from the past are still persevered at the top, like his throne (or the slab of it) and the massive water tank.

That view

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There are no words to describe just how amazing the view really is. You will be breathless – from the tiresome climb and from the beauty of it all. You’ll even get a good bird’s eye view of many hotels in Sigiriya.

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