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Why Elephants Never Forget? - Don’t Annoy An Elephant

This is a common warning that we hear in most parts of the world. An elephant never forgets, as it has an amazing memory and isn’t a very forgiving animal apparently. Ever wondered why they never forget? Read on.

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Elephants usually live up to 60 years and are known to grieve the loss of family members and friends just like we do. If they are going to remember an animal fondly, what’s stopping them from remembering you the same way?

Distance does make the heart grow fonder

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Even if an elephant meets another after 10 to 15 years of not running into each other, the said elephant will instantly recognize its friends or enemies. If you want to see some elephants hang out and reconcile, take a tour with one of the many agencies in Sri Lanka, like Walkers Tours, for example.

Survival Instincts

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This memory and amazing capabilities help the elephants survive in the wild as they can remember where to find the greatest water ponds in the jungle, just like we know which place has the best Chinese food takeaway.

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