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Top 5 Golf Players Of All Time – Sultans Of Swing!

While there will always be debate about who is the greatest golf player of all time, there are plenty of golfing greats that have left an indelible mark on the game. Here are just five (in somewhat random order!) that truly stand out.

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Jack Nicklaus

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Considered by many as the “greatest”, American golfing legend Jack Nicklaus has a staggering 18 Major Championships (the most by any player) under his belt including six Masters titles. Nicknamed the “Golden Bear”, it goes without saying he is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Tiger Woods


A major contender to the record set by Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods is a global superstar of the game and brought golf to whole new audiences. While he may have lost some of his “star power” over the years there is no denying his 79 PGA Tour victories and 14 Major Championships including four Masters titles.

Ben Hogan


A glittering career that features nine Major Championships, Ben Hogan’s rise to golfing superstardom was unfortunately interrupted by a serious auto accident. His 64 PGA Tour wins including four U.S. Open victories and two Masters are testament to his great skill.

Ernie Els


South African born Ernie Els made quite a name for himself in the 1990s not only for his golfing skill but laidback personality too. Winner of 19 PGA Tour titles and 27 European Tour titles, this World Golf Hall of Fame member won four Major Championships and has helped design such courses as The Els Club Malaysia.

Arnold Palmer


Considered one of the best putters the game has ever seen, Arnold Palmer has a total of 95 professional victories with 62 PGA Tour wins to his name. This Golf Hall of Famer won seven Major Championships including four Masters titles.

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