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The Penguins At Otaru Aquarium - Smile And Wave Boys!

Penguins are mysterious creatures that look like they are tiny CEOs in suits all day. The penguins at the Otaru Aquarium are quite a sensation now, and here’s why!

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Classic Act

Wikimedia Commons / Via

The act of wobbling up and down the blue and white board is just too cute of an act to miss, especially if you put up at a hotel in Otaru Hokkaido which is close to the Aquarium, like Grand Park Otaru, for instance.


Wikimedia Commons / Via

The utmost seriousness with which they forego their act and go about their own way, be it looking at their shadows or stealing from the food buckets, deserves a standing ovation.

Performance levels

Wikimedia Commons / Via

With almost no motivation to perform as ‘trained’ these penguins go about their ways, waddling and slipping and sliding their way around the show, entertaining the audience nevertheless.

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