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The Best Otaru Restaurants To Try Authentic Local Dishes – Foodie Adventures In Japan

Located in the northern part of Hokkaido, Otaru lies facing Ishikari Bay and offers plenty of dining delights for foodies. If you are on holiday and staying at an Otaru hotel or just visiting for the day, here are some of the top restaurants you should look to try.

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Those craving for authentic sushi that is fresh in flavour (not to mention the additional “boost” of wasabi!) should head over to Otaruungashokudo. It offers buffet options along with Kaisendon which is a kind of sushi rice bowl. Other favourite menu items include Nigiri Sushi and Shoyu Ramen.


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A Japanese style pub (termed Izakaya), WaraWara offers an eclectic array of items to satisfy those cravings. You can try the Offal Hotpot made with beef and ingredients such as burdock, tofu, bean sprouts and garlic. Assorted sashimi also popular along with the globally loved deep-fried chicken!


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Hokkaido is famed for its delicious seafood dishes and Cocoro is one restaurant where you can savour the fresh flavours of the sea. A part of Grand Park Otaru, this dining venue features both Kaiseki and Teppanyaki style food preparation for truly wonderful culinary creations.

Wa Bi Sai Hanagokoro

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If you are in the mood for steak, then Wa Bi Sai Hanagokoro has what you need. Its Beef Fillet Steak is a favourite item on the menu as is Shabu-shabu which is a nabemono hotpot dish made with sliced meat and vegetables.

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