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Broke In Hong Kong? Here’s 5 Ways You Can Still Have Fun!

If you’re reading this, you’ve found yourself penniless in Hong Kong or damn near close to it; either that, or you’re one ambitious son (or daughter – gotta be PC these days, of course) of a gun, who’s already broke, and still raring to go on holiday! Not to worry though – there’s fun a ‘plenty to be had, even when you’re strapped for dough.

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Move those kicks!

Hamedog / Via

If you’re broke, you aren’t gonna be forking over any for a gym subscription. Hit two birds with one stone and wiggle in some cardio on vacation! Hong Kong is pedestrian-friendly, so go on, and move them feet!

Or, Don’t!

Amusing Planet / Via

You won’t have to move a limb if you don’t want to, as you climb up Hong Kong’s own stairway to heaven – the Island boasts the longest escalators you can find under the sun, anywhere on the planet! The best thing? It’s absolutely free.

Ahoy, there Matey

Hong Kong Tourism Board / Via

Found a roof over your head on the mainland in a hostel or a Hong Kong boutique hotel such as the Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong or similar others? Hop aboard the Star Ferry for an absolute steal of a fare and drink in the sights of the magnificent harbour as you make your way to Kowloon, home of the Avenue of Stars. You sure won’t have to break the bank for this treat!

Light Em Up!

Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos / Via

Stay on after dark by the harbour after you’re done with the Avenue of Stars, and you’ll be in for a treat; Feast your eyes on the dazzling ‘Symphony of Light’ show featuring Hong Kong’s beautiful skyline. It’s, free and it happens every night.

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