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Absolutely Stunning Beaches In Maldives That You Should Not Miss.

Let’s face it; Maldives is only famous for its pristine, screen saver beaches, spectacular Maldives five star resorts, and a teeming population of marine life. But here’s a few of stunning beaches that stand out from the rest!

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Vaadhoo Island / Via

The beach on Vaadhoo Island glows at night! Almost like a mirror reflecting the stunning sky of stars above, this glowing beach is definitely worth the trip. There of course, is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon (Google bioluminescence if you want to know more).

Fulhadhoo Island / Via

The secluded beach on Fulhadhoo Island is perfect if you’re looking for a strip of heaven just for yourself, as there are no resorts or hotels built on the island (yet). Lock your phone away and reconnect with yourself as you spend your day relaxing on the white sandy beaches. Let the serene beach of Fulhadhoo Island wash your stress away.

Olhugiri Island

Picasa / Via

Though the white sandy beaches blend in with the others in the islands, snorkeler’s will enjoy the dense marine life, especially Hawksbill turtles and sea turtles which are known to frequent the surrounding waters of the island.

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