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Should You Uber or Rent a Car When Visiting Dallas; Texas

What's best for getting around Dallas, Texas.

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Should You Uber or Rent a Car When Visiting Dallas; Texas

From touring the Dallas Museum of Art and the Dallas Aquarium to enjoying nightlife in Deep Ellum, catching a Cowboys game and more, there is much to see and do in the Dallas area. The entire metroplex, which also consists of Arlington, Fort Worth and other communities, is home to more than seven million residents. It also covers more than 9,200 square miles. It is among the largest and most populated areas in the southern United States. If your upcoming business or personal plans include a stop in Dallas, you may be wondering what the best mode of transportation is. Renting a car is among the most traditional transportation options for travelers, but Uber presents you with a more modern solution. With a closer look at both, you will be able to determine which is best for you.

What to Expect From Uber

To schedule a ride with Uber, you simply download the app and use the app to beckon a driver to your location. There are many Uber drivers in the Dallas area, so you often do not need to wait more than five or ten minutes for a driver to arrive. The driver is often familiar with city streets and can easily navigate the traffic and roads to get you to a desired destination. Some drivers may even tell you more about the city and answer questions related to the best places to dine and more. This gives you a great way to learn more about the city and its attractions. There may be times, however, when Uber drivers are in high demand. This can increase your wait time. In addition, it may lead to surge pricing. Uber uses surge pricing to encourage its drivers to travel to areas where demand is high, and it essentially charges you a higher rate. In many cases, this rate may be two, three or more times as high as the standard rate. You may not have any control over surge pricing. You can either pay it, or you can wait until surge pricing is over. This may be several minutes or several hours.

Exploring the Rental Car Experience

With a rental car, you pay a daily rate for access to the car. You can typically pick up a rental car at the Dallas airport, so you can enjoy the convenience of having your private transportation solution available right away. With a rental car, you typically have a daily mileage limit that you must stay within, and you may be charged extra money for putting more miles on the car. In addition, you are responsible for gas and any damage done to the vehicle. Drivers are also required to comply with insurance laws and must provide proof of insurance when picking the car up. As the driver, you will be required to find your own way through town. You may find it stressful to navigate on unfamiliar and often crowded roads. However, unlike with an Uber vehicle, you get the option to rent a specific class of vehicle that is most appealing and comfortable to you and other passengers who may be riding with you.

Preparing a Cost Analysis for Your Trip

In most cases, finances are a primary concern for travelers, and you may ultimately want to know which option is most affordable. This can be difficult to accurately determine, and this is because surge pricing with Uber is an unknown variable. However, if plan to drive a considerable distance while in town or if you want freedom to explore at your leisure, a rental car is a better option. If you prefer to let a local driver handle the roads for you and are agreeable to some fluctuations in pricing, Uber is a better option.

It is great to have transportation choices available. There is no right or wrong option for traveling through the Dallas area. Each traveler will need to review his or her budget, needs and desires to make a decision best for him or her.

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