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Most Dangerous Theme Parks in the US

Dangerous theme parks in the US, that have been known to cause accidents.

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Most Dangerous Theme Parks in the US

Danger is a given factor at theme parks. The heavy gut drop that a person experiences on a roller coaster's steep hill or the head-spinning jerk of a fast, twirly ride signals to the human body that it is in danger. This is part of what makes these rides enjoyable. However, there is a limit on how much danger each person is willing to experience. These most dangerous theme parks in the USA might be on someone's list for just that danger factor. Another person might decide just on this factor to never go there.

Action Park, New Jersey

According to the Active Times, the now-dismantled and re-named Action Park was the most dangerous amusement park in the USA. There had been three drownings and at least one electrocution of people in the park's wave pool. Many people would not realize that the pool deepened closer to the end, and that the waves could get up to 40 inches tall. It gained the name "The Grave Pool" from the amount of people that needed rescuing. The employed lifeguards would claim up to 30 saves a day. Compared to the average of one or two rescues at lakes and other pools, this becomes a significant number. Other problematic rides included a waterside with a complete loop (which caused many nosebleeds and back issues) and the park's Alpine Slide, on which the participants could not use their hand brakes, leading to alarming losses of control. One wonders why this park was not shut down far before.

Six Flags (multiple locations)

Six Flags, a still-running amusement park franchise, has had multiple rides with disturbing histories. Although the parks are open and enjoyed by many people, MedicalBag ranks the Haunted Castle accident, when the entire place went up in flames, among the top five amusement park disasters. The tragic event killed eight people. There was no escape plan or sprinkler set up in place on that attraction. Several people have also been flung out of various rides at different locations, including the St. Louis and Los Angeles parks. Often times, patrons reach out to injury lawyers and seek claims after being injured in amusement parks.

SeaWorld (multiple locations)

With the wild animals that these parks feature comes unique risks and problems. An orca beached herself once, leading to a 10 minute period where she lay stranded on concrete at the side of her pool. Two other orcas dragged a trainer across their pool, and another trainer was dragged to the bottom of a pool by a young whale. A zookeeper for the park had her arm bitten off at the elbow by one of the lions in 2009. Considering these and other accidents, it is no wonder that the park has been sued by multiple employees over the years.

Rye's Playland, New York

This park states that at least six major and different accidents have happened at Rye's Playland. Among them stand out these few incidents. One girl slipped beneath her safety belt on the Mind Scrambler, and a young man was hurled from The Whip ride. The Dragon Coaster also has a story: an 8 year old girl choked to death while chewing gum on this ride.

At the end of the day, though the risks overall are small, the question has to be thought about: is this really worth it? The answer depends on the individual. If a person is a risk-taker, who thrills to danger, these might be for him or her. Another person might decide against these dangerous experiences for safety reasons, personal comfort levels, or past histories of the parks. Regardless of statistics and alarming news stories, however, amusement parks are on average delightful places and offer many different thrills and delights for each and every person.

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