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Good Friends, Good Books: 5 Reasons Reading is Relevant

Reading is being foregone in our society and here are some reasons that it shouldn't nbe./

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Good Friends, Good Books: 5 Reasons Reading is Relevant

In contemporary times, books have seemingly been lost in the shuffle of TV and the internet. The rise of instant entertainment has seemingly eclipsed a once time-honored pastime. But you shouldn't toss your book collection into the garage sale bin just yet. There are several reasons why reading is vital to your growth as a human being.

Spruce up your grammar and vocabulary

There's no question that grammar and vocabulary are rapidly evolving in today's fast-paced world. Unfortunately, that also comes with a side of poor spelling and confused sentence structure. Unlike many online posts and publications, books go through a rigorous editorial process, often being tweaked by dozens of expert eyes. When you read these books, you absorb the correct spelling and proper grammar, making it easier to identify mistakes when you see them in the wild. Research shows that when children read for fun, their spelling and vocabulary skills are higher.


Reading a good book is a calming activity for bookworms. It can be done alone and without any special equipment. Also, reading is usually a completely silent activity. Books are read indoors or outdoors. They provide you a mental gateway into another world, allowing stress to melt away. Quietly reading a book has been shown to lower stress levels by 68%, surpassing other activities like listening to music. Best of all, books are extremely cheap; even in the midst of financial woes, you can pick up a paperback for pennies at a used bookstore.

Improve your image

Studies show that reading improves your vocabulary, but it also makes you look more intelligent to your friends and family. There is a reason that studies have found a large percentage of people lie about reading famous books like War and Peace and Great Expectations. When you read more books you project a brainy, imaginative image. Often, friends and acquaintance will respect your opinions more when they know you are an avid reader. Gain the reputation as a knowledgeable bibliophile and you just might find people asking your advice on important issues.

Get social

While mainly a solitary activity, reading can also be highly social. You can read aloud with a family member or friend. Book lovers enjoy sharing their favorite works and discussing the content in great detail. Whether it's a new James Patterson thriller or The Odyssey summary, there is sure to be a group of bookworms who want to analyze the text. Online and in-person book clubs are very popular, and social media and blogs make it easy to find like-minded readers. With all of the group activities surrounding books, you just might make some new friends.

Understand complex issues

One advantage of books is they are longer and more detailed than articles found in magazines and on the internet. Often, complicated subjects can not be fully explored in a short piece or social media post. The length of books allows complex subjects, stories and issues to be explained more deeply. For example, you can more easily grasp the complexity of American historical events by reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln. Instead of just watching a television or film adaptation of a novel, you can better understand the motivation of a fictional character by reading the original book.

There is still a place for reading among the hustle and bustle of modern life. You can be a more well-rounded person by cracking open a book once in a while. Reading will expand your vocabulary, give you some downtime and help you seem smarter. Books open up a whole new world of like-minded friends and allow you to master intricate subjects. By reading, you develop and grow your mind and expand your horizons.

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