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Collaborating With Success; Tips On Working With Others

There is no single working formula for promoting collaborations and healthy community spirit in the workplace. As a company owner, you have to study your workers with the aim of trying to understand their characteristics, so you can discover the right approach to help your staff bond. Setting team goals can encourage people to work together, so also is establishing a culture of open communication, freedom of expression, corporate social network, and employee engagement platform. Employees must be made to understand that being friends and working together as a family will not only benefits the company but also make them better in their careers. Goals, Vision, and Expectation Setting Setting goals for employees to accomplish is a strategy that works all the time, in fostering collaborations in the workforce. Make sure the goals you're setting are measurable, achievable, realistic, timely, and concise, to ensure that individual efforts are aligned with desired outcomes. Set goals on a quarterly basis and be ready to evaluate. Proper goal setting results will make everyone know what is expected of them and what they should expect from others. Establish a Culture of Open Communication There is nothing that damages friendship and teamwork in the workplace more than the culture of silence and murmuring. By establishing a culture of open communication, you give your employees the power to express themselves, or even criticize each other openly, without building any bad blood. Open communication encourages transparency, which is one of the major factors for establishing result-oriented collaborations in the workplace. To promote open communication, set a weekly one-on-one meeting which will serve as a stage to address all concerns and issues. There should also be monthly or quarterly staff meetings, anonymous surveys, and informal social meetings. Respond to queries with respect and be aware of any signals of silence. Use Technology to Improve Collaborations Technology offers many tools and resources that can help foster partnerships in the office environment. In addition to physical meeting, employees should be able to collaborate and communicate via video chats, emails, and social media chats, using tools like Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime, etc. You can also introduce cloud-based management platforms that combine task assignments, tracking, and shared document storage and proofing. Digitized social activity, cloud-based telephone systems, and interactive environments are very resourceful tools you can use to bring employees together in the office. Cultivate Workplace Creativity The modern workplace environment can't strive without the creative endeavors of employees who come up with new ideas and concepts for reinventing product delivery. By fostering a culture of creativity through brainstorming, applicable persuasion training, and establishing an attitude of possibilities, you open the door for healthy collaborations that can transform your business. Creativity can lead to better collaborations in the work environment when you: Create diverse teams from a group of people who don't usually collaborate and have different strengths and weaknesses. Reward great ideas to encourage others that anyone who works hard to brings something fresh to the table will be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. Provide a suggestion box that provides anonymity and confidentiality. Some employees may already have new ideas they want to suggest but are too shy or scared to voice them out. Offer a collaborative, positive, and fun working environment. Make the board rooms and meeting halls look lively and fun, give positive reinforcement, improve the way you respond, show gratitude, and spread happiness. Even if you have everything going on fine, you can still benefit from implementing creative ideas and applying great tools and resources that will inspire your employees to work closer together. Cultivate workplace creativity, celebrate wins, provide freedom without boundaries, encourage diversity and make sure every form of misunderstanding or conflict is dealt with in a fair and just manner.

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Collaboration leads to a healthy community

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