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    • vincentp5

      As someone who’s visited Los Angeles several times and hopes to eventually relocate there, congratulations on a splendid piece. At times, it’s fun to believe the myth (flipping on the car radio and hearing “California Dreamin’” or “I Get Around”), but investigate the history of this city beyond the myth and you’ll truly appreciate it. (One of the reasons I wish to move is that I study film history, and with the Margaret Herrick Library at AMPAS and so many other venues, there’s no better place to do it than Los Angeles.) And you’re right about transit — after the demise of the Red and Yellow cars following World War II, LA has made a phenomenal rebound in the past 20 years, with even more (Crenahaw and the extensions of the Expo and Purple lines to Santa Monica) yet to come. I no longer drive because of peripheral vision issues; that would have been a problem in 1993, but not anymore. Oh, and to those who complain about a lack of snow, there’s Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, and what KNX and KFWB weather reports call “the higher elevations.” I’ve previously lived in Washington, Philadelphia and the north Jersey suburbs of NYC — like LA, all have their good and bad points. Appreciate what all have to offer, and don’t try to juxtapose your preferences on your new home.  (P.S. About 10 years ago, I interviewed the great character actor William Schallert, who’s still working at age 91. I knew his parents covered drama and Hollywood for the L.A. Times and fan magazines, but what I didn’t know is that Bill is a third-generation Angeleno — his grandfather moved there in the 1885 land boom!)

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