vincentfisher Vincent Edward Fisher is an entrepreneur and chairman of multiple Internet companies, including a hosting company and website design and development firm.
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  • Vincent Fisher Reveals Six Things You Didn’t Know About Ohio

    First thing first, you must be aware that Ohio is in the heart of it all. It’s a great place to rock, play pro football and pig out on Skyline Chilli. But these are things you should already know about Ohio, so Vincent Fisher is going to expose the six things nobody knows about the great state of Ohio.

  • The Top Ten Strangest Laws In Ohio

    Even though Vincent Fisher loves Ohio, he must admit there are some weird laws. These laws are all genuine and are still in effect today, ever since they were written in the 1900’s.Below are a few laws in Ohio Vincent E. Fisher finds simply bizarre and probably you will too.

  • Shop Away In Ohio

    London? New York? LA? No need when you can shop till you drop in Ohio. Vincent Fisher recommends grabbing a bargain from one of the many outlet stores to snatching a coveted antique. You will find what you are looking for in any one of these retail shopping malls.

  • Buzzing With Ohio Wines

    Take a relaxing day out of your busy schedule to visit Ohio and explore its beautiful countryside and sample its tasty wines. Vincent E. Fisher gives us a rundown of the most popular wineries in Ohio.

  • Ohio Is Home To The Best Amusement Parks

    It’s summer! That means more time to spend with your children and family. The best way to do that, is to head down to Ohio where they pride themselves on having some of the best amusement parks. Vincent Fisher has compiled a list of the top five amusement parks in Ohio.

  • The Top 5 Weirdest Things About Ohio By Vincent Fisher

    You may think Ohio is all nice and normal with their tradition towns and all American heroes like Hopalong Cassidy, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, and Doris Day. It has all the typical “normal” tourist attractions that you would expect, such as the Botanical Gardens in Cleveland or the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. However, if you explore the Buckeye state long and thoroughly enough, you will find that beneath the carnations, apple pie and endless roller coaster attractions, it can be a strange and unusual place. Vincent Fisher takes a look at the top five weirdest things about Ohio and you will know exactly what he means.

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