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10 Adventures You Should Definitely Have Before Summer Ends

The 4th of July is over. Days are getting shorter and shorter. Round up your dream team and get outside with Backpack Brand to cross these adventures off of your seasonal bucket list.

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Crush The Color Run

Via Instagram: @davslens

Run a quick 5k, get pelted with day-glo raver paint, and then walk around making everyone else feel like a square with their non-neon skin and clothes. The Color Run holds these year-round. They're pretty non-competitive as athletic events go, and it's only about 3 miles!

Plan A Scavenger Hunt


Yes, it may seem like the stuff of camp and college orientations gone by... but try building your own local scavenger hunt around a theme and you'll be surprised at how quickly the competition heats up. Get everyone to post the proof on Instagram, because screw the honors system.

Take a Historical Walking Tour

If you live in an urban area, you probably walk past tons of cool crap every day without even giving it a second glance. Slow down and let an eager amateur historian enlighten you. Try and absorb as much info as Tracy Jordan did from a John Hancock impersonator in Boston.

Go To a Music Festival / Via Instagram: @fluxblog

Mmmk, hear us out. Festivals like Coachella or Governor's Ball have come close to reaching a cultural saturation point, but there's still fun to be had at smaller, more niche affairs. And wherever you go, there's always people watching. So much people watching.

Take a Bike Tour

Instagram: @seecaves / Via

There's something really liberating about cruising through some bold new scenery on a bike. Pick a route or just get lost with some good friends.

Become a WWOOFER


WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It's an organization that matches up small independent farms with volunteers who are willing to help out with a variety of tasks in exchange for free room and board. WWOOF is a cheap way to see the world - or even just your own backyard.

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