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    The 18 People You Meet Playing Magic: The Gathering

    You've tapped a few cards in your day. Here are some characters you've met along the way.

    1. The Thinker

    2. The Collector

    3. The Newbie

    4. The One Who Takes It Waay Too Seriously

    5. The One Who's Super Into The Mythology

    6. The Stickler for the Rules

    7. The One Who's Strict About The Rules, But Knows The Wrong Rules

    Mana burn hasn't been around since 2010. Nice try though.

    8. The Guy With The Money

    Doesn't think twice about buying a few Jaces or Tarmogoyfs. Foil? Why not. Full art? NBD. Stack your deck with expensive cards all you want, a good player can still beat you.

    9. The attractive girl who everyone presumes is a novice, but then they end up absolutely destroying.

    10. The Idle Shuffler

    The person that just keeps shuffling their hand… forever...

    ♫ Everyday i'm shuffling ♫

    11. The guy who plays correctly, but has everything in weird places and cards upside down.

    12. The 3rd person who shows up "Let's just play multiplayer"

    One on one is better and that's a fact. Otherwise everyone just waits and pretends they're not a threat until somebody dies. Exceptions: EDH or Two-Headed Giant.

    13. The kid with the deck with a 4th round infinite combo and you're pretty sure one of the cards is banned.

    14. "Is that Magic? I should bring my cards. I used to play a long time ago- I bet I have a bunch of rare cards"

    15. The Guy Who Plays With Unglued Cards

    Ok, they're amusing the first time, but you do know that's not a real card, right?

    16. The Neckbeard And The Buttcrack

    17. The One With The Playing Mat

    18. The Best Friend