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    39 Reasons You're #grandmacore

    You are an old lady trapped in a younger person's body.

    1. Your rocking chair is your sanctuary

    2. You wear a bandana on your head while you clean

    3. You spend a lot of time thinking about how you clean and actually plan it out

    4. You save all your receipts

    5. You knit

    6. All. The. Time.

    7. Maybe you find galantine appetizing?

    8. Certainly Beef Wellington

    9. Let's just say you love to cook

    10. Enough of these "simple, fresh ingredients" and "clean flavors", you say. Give me tiny pastry animals representing the meat under the pastry!

    11. You Decorate Your Home With Doilies

    12. You think Fabergé eggs on tiny little stands are neat

    13. And crochet owls are cute

    14. You're an avid birder

    15. You'd rather stay in than go out some nights

    Knitting and wine. I know how to party on a Saturday night.

    16. or most nights

    Drinking white wine spritzers and watching jurassic park 3 while knitting #oldlady

    @biwinningism that sounds like a wonderful plan. I'm having wine, knitting, and Star Trek

    17. or EVERY night

    I just want someone who's willing to stay in with me every night watching movies because I hate going out into the real world

    18. 'Cause Clubs And Such Aren't Your Scene

    19. You love and respect your tupperware

    20. Because You Always Make Extra Food And Then Freeze It

    21. You Have A Thing For Plaid Golf Pants

    22. or Seersuckers

    23. Or these hats

    24. You Own A Powder Compact

    25. And/or Apply Lipstick With A Brush

    26. You Prefer Gin To Vodka

    Another Gimlet please...

    27. You Write Letters By Hand.

    28. You Are A Collector Of Things.

    29. You Own Sipping Liqueurs

    Frangelico, Limoncello, Chartreuse, Creme de cassis, Nalewkas

    30. You've Made Jam

    I just got @foodinjars' latest canning book and it is amazing. So if her first one. Canning aspirationists: get these.

    31. While we're on the subject, you used mason jars before they were hip and trendy

    32. You're Opinionated

    33. Crossword Puzzles Should Be Your Job

    34. You have a bunch of hard candies in your bag and you offer them to everyone

    35. You Have A Spice/Herb Garden

    36. You Understand The Need For Potpourri

    37. You call people "Dear"

    38. To Be Honest, You've Got Things Pretty Figured Out.

    And you're way ahead of schedule.

    39. So Here's To Enjoying Life While Your Friends Catch Up!

    Special thanks to Justine, Rachel, Kristen, Tilli, and Rosie.