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14 Things Only Serious Coffee Drinkers Will Understand

Single-origin is key.

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1. Black. Just black.

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2. A good cup of coffee takes at least 15 minutes of careful preparation.

3. Always grind the beans before every brew.

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4. The size of the grind can be a game changer.

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5. Pour-over coffee is the most glorious thing in the world.

6. Decaf is not coffee and just should not exist at all.


7. Learning where your coffee comes from is all part of the magic.


8. And having a keen understanding of how coffee is made is crucial.

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9. Pulling an espresso shot is actually an art.

10. Crema is nothing short of heavenly.

11. And milk?


12. Your most prized possession looks something like this:

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13. There is nothing more beautiful than friends bringing you coffee from abroad.

14. Except maybe pouring yourself that perfect cup of coffee that changes your life forever.

You and your coffee? It’s serious.

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