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15 Things Only "MST3K" Fans Understand

We've got movie sign!

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1. Watching a movie isn't the same without an Invention Exchange.

2. This gesture and phrase go together like Crow and Servo:

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3. Zap Rowsdower is Canada's greatest hero...

4. ...although you've always wondered if he could beat Mitchell in a drinking contest.

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5. You put your faith in Blast Hardcheese.

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6. Mr. B Natural is terrifying... and strangely hot.

7. The word "potato" must be pronounced with the proper accent.

Also, you can identify almost anything as a potato.

8. You know exactly how they're saying these words:

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9. You can't see this guy without hearing his theme music:

You also hope to one day ascend to Second Banana Heaven.

10. The true meaning of Thanksgiving is to watch cheesy movies all day long.

11. Instead of a White Christmas, you dream of a Patrick Swayze Christmas...

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12. ...and a "JOIKE" sweater would make a pretty great (non-joke) gift.

13. Rather than push a button, you order someone else to push the button.

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14. The show's never over until the post-credits stinger.

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15. This:

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