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15 Brooklynites Everybody Knows

They're pretty hard to miss. For more of your favorite Brooklynites, tune in to the new season of High Maintenance on Vimeo!

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1. The guy who clips his nails on the subway.

2. The seasoned street performer that you can't look away from.

3. The basics who can't even.

4. The aspiring stand-up comedian (who mostly tweets).

5. The organic, free-range, free-trade, gluten-free lesbians.

6. The neighbor who parties way too hard.

7. The biting "fashionista."

8. The art director who is like a bird in a cage, literally, right now.

9. The "writer" who's obsessed with Trader Joe's.

10. The handsy yoga instructor.

11. The couch surfer moguls.

12. The gender-neutral gamer.

13. The bike messenger turned weed dealer.

14. The Brooklyn mouse (that just won't die).

15. This guy. We've ALL seen this guy:

There's only one Brooklyn. Meet more of your favorite Brooklynites with the new season of High Maintenance!

All images courtesy of Vimeo.

(Thumbnail courtesy of Thinkstock.)