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    31 Reasons Why Storm Is The Ultimate Member Of The X-Men

    When she calls upon the Arctic Winds, you better listen!

    1. How Storm handled Street Harassment

    2. And again in 1992

    3. When she had to check Colossus

    4. Letting a Sentinel know who's in the FU*KING Room

    5. Always keeping it 100

    6. Her look is ever-changing

    7. A simple gesture

    8. Storm likes to flirt with danger

    9. When she stood up to Wolverine

    10. No words

    11. She's very protective of her friends

    12. When she spanked Cyclops' ass for Leadership of the X-Men

    13. She ruled as the Goddess of Thunder

    14. When she's not having it

    15. Storm is always ready for a battle

    16. She will get you together

    17. When she's late, she's right on time

    18. Storm has no problem being humble

    19. She knows how to make an entrance

    20. You don't want to get on her bad side

    21. She knows who she is

    22. She goes by many names

    23. How she describes her power

    24. Her Freedom is VERY Important

    25. Storm is completely self-aware

    26. She never forget where she came from

    27. Storm's power is almost unlimited

    28. Storm's the best mother figure

    29. She is always the Hero

    30. Even without powers, Storm can handle her own

    31. A Champion through and through

    This is Storm