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    30 Hilarious Dowager Countess Of Grantham GIFs For Every Occasion

    If you're going to do something, do it like the Countess.

    1. When you see a guy in meggings.

    2. When you know your friend has been hooking up with their ex.

    3. When someone sends you an Ello invitation.

    4. When that annoying co-worker finds a new job.

    5. When Rowan "Papa" Pope gives one of his monologues on Scandal.

    6. When a Greenpeace canvasser approaches you.

    7. When you've farted in a crowded room.

    8. When marriage equality continues to win in the US.

    9. When you're the last to know about your favorite show getting cancelled.

    10. When you stress over losing those last 5 pounds.

    11. When your boss praises you in front of everyone.

    12. When gas drops below $4 a gallon.

    13. Dealing with that holier-than-thou friend.

    14. When you've been dumped.

    15. When that guy continuously tries to hit on you at the club.

    16. When someone questions your Buffyverse knowledge.

    17. When you watch Fox News out of curiosity.

    18. When you're in the middle of a Beyonce vs. Lady Gaga discussion.

    19. A hottie just moved in next door.

    20. When you describe your ex to someone.

    21. When you just can't.

    22. When you need a refill on your water with extra lemons.

    23. Using the new copy/fax/scanner machine at work.

    24. When someone keeps talking about their weight loss journey.

    25. When someone asks if you drank the last bit of wine in the fridge.

    26. When Starbucks messes up your pumpkin spice latte with soy milk and chocolate syrup.

    27. When someone claims that #GamerGate is about ethics in gamer journalism.

    28. When you receive another spam invite for some Facebook event.

    29. When you clearly have nothing nice to say.

    30. When you decide to go on that OkCupid date so you can get a free meal.