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    25 Perfect GIF Reactions From Jareth From "Labyrinth"

    This man's got balls.

    1. When you are clearly judging someone.

    2. When you got your Comic-Con badges before your friends.

    3. When your booty call is an hour late.

    4. Over an hour late, now.

    5. When you get a text that happy hour has been extended for two more hours.

    6. When you're doing your version of Beyonce's "7/11" in your room.

    7. When your roommate ate the last Sprinkles cupcake.

    8. When you have no f*cks to give.

    9. When your crush smiles back at you.

    10. When your ex sees you looking flawless.

    11. When basic b*tches approach you.

    12. When your friends post pics on Instagram from a party you knew nothing about.

    13. Your fashionably late entrance.

    14. When your co-worker won't shut up in the meeting.

    15. When you lend your favorite pen to your friend who never returns anything you give them.

    16. When Annalise Keating pulled off her wig in How To Get Away With Murder.

    17. When the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" pops up on Spotify.

    18. When you're sooo over it.

    19. When someone has the same outfit as you.

    20. When your vacation request goes through.

    21. Going through your OkCupid messages.

    22. When bae forgets date night.

    23. When you're trying on a fierce jacket that's 50% off.

    24. When you have enough alcohol in your system to talk to the hottie at the bar.

    25. You have all bases covered in your personal life.