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    21 Problems Only Bonnie Bennett From "The Vampire Diaries" Understands

    Being a witch ain't easy

    1. Your magic is unpredictable.

    2. Many people thought your Grams was crazy.

    3. Everybody wants ~something~ from you.

    4. Your boyfriend hunts demons.

    5. And dies a lot.

    6. Your power comes at a high cost.

    7. You're always dealing with Dude-Bro Vampires.

    8. You're used to reminding others that having a normal life is A-OK.

    9. You're tired of remembering all of those damn spells.

    10. People always underestimate the ferocity of your craft.

    11. It's hard to have a good time, because it may end in a bloody massacre.

    12. Sometimes, you can't even with the apocalyptic-end-of-the-world gag.

    13. Your best friends are Blood Sucking Vampires.

    14. Oh, and so is your mom.

    15. Elena stays Needy.

    16. You've been trapped in the past with a psychopathic warlock.

    17. People take advantage of you and your power.

    18. You always deal with overrated immortals.

    19. Using too much magic can cause nose bleeds.

    20. You cry more than Elena Gilbert.

    21. Your teen years were full of death and sorrow.

    Regardless of everything she goes through, Bonnie remains the baddest witch around.