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10 Life Lessons From Jem And The Holograms

JEM, was more than a cartoon, it was an animated guide to life. Each episode was filled with fashion, drama and music. It was a lot for the average 80s pre-teen viewer, but if you look closely, JEM delivered some great life lessons.

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1. Always be Camera ready

You never know what's around the bend. So, always look your best!

2. It's alright to Cry Sometimes

It's okay to cry, usually you feel better afterwards.

3. Take a Selfie every once in awhile

Do it as a reminder that you're okay!

4. Lose Yourself in the Moment

Don't worry about what others think... Do you!

5. Do A Happy Dance

Celebrate the Big stuff and the Little stuff

6. Don't Give Up

When it gets rough, just keep going!

7. Don't Let Haters Kill your Vibe

Give them no power over you!

Give them no power over you!

8. Cherish the Time with Friends

Surround yourself with people who love and respect you

9. Dream Big

Believe in the impossible

10. Believe in Love

Always keep your eyes and heart open for love. It's what most of us live for, right?

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