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    • viktorkaranovichb

      there are bad apples and travesties on both sides. The fact remains-if Israel is to be condemned for acting autonomous-then every country in modern existence should be chastised. We were all taken over by someone at some point, the fact that today there exists an Israel after 2000 years of the land being controlled by someone else, simply means that the local people did what all humans have done since the beginning of Human existence which can be summed up to, “the strongest survives.”
      Do not to makeacompelling argument for this pitiful “Israel-takeover philosophy,” you think the Israelis were going to the UN after ancient Rome took over eretz Israel? No. The strongest was the victor. When the Arabs took Jerusalem, did they draw up lines to give Jewsaportion, Christensaportions, and so on and so on…? No. The strongest has always controlled the land of any country. That is how the world has worked and how it will work until we realize that the pseudo-creation of “countries” is obsolete, and we evolve to the promotion of Earth, put our resources towards making each other prosperous and happy than destroying each other. Thankfully, within the past 50 years, the human species has made significant progress than what it was for the last 50,000. Someone is going to have to give for this Israeli-Palentinian matter, either someone will sacrifice to reachacompromise or someone will be taken over. In time, the world will move forward, societies will come and go, the world will forget, new generations will be born, and hopefully they will work towards the promotion of love, prosperity and peace for all.

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