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10 Reasons Grocery Shopping Sucks

I'm pretty sure you have contemplated a grocery shopping trip at one time or the other; here are 10 possible reasons why... Grocery shopping sucks!

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Children acting out

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I'm convinced that some parents confuse grocery stores with parks. And then this happens..

Malfunctioning carts

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Those carts with f**#$#@d up wheels that make you walk like this through the aisles.

Produce problems; is it 'ripe' or 'too ripe'

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We have all been there; and most times we just have to wing it and hope for the best.

Forgetting something behind

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You go grocery shopping for Thanks-giving dinner items and then you get home only to realize that forgot to buy a Turkey! LOL

Shopping on discount holidays (Black friday/ Boxing Day)

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You never knew grocery shopping was high risk job until now.

On sale items are sold out

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Why say it's on sale when it's not even available? #firstworldproblems

Long checkout lines

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After running through the grocery store aisles for 40 minutes, you spend another 35 minutes waiting to pay. And then end up like this..

Crappy store bags

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After paying 10-cents a bag; it doesn't make it home, but on the bright side it made it out of the store.

Buying almost expired products

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After that tedious shopping trip, you get home only to realize what you bought expires tomorrow. It's okay to seek therapy now. LOL

Carrying the grocery home

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You automatically become a bad-ass, action movie, pro power-lifter for the next 20 minutes... R.I.P to those thumbs though.

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