17 "Supernatural" GIFs That Will Make You Angry All Over Again If You've Ever Worked In Retail

    You need supernatural powers to be able to survive in retail.

    1. Working in retail can really change you.

    2. The retail life will take over your soul in only a few days.

    3. You literally won't remember what day it is, because it feels like you spend your life at work.

    4. You know that there is nothing worse than customers who come in two minutes before closing.

    5. When a customer asks you if you work here.

    6. When you finished advising a customer and have to go back to work.

    7. When a customer starts yelling at you without any reason, but you have to stay professional.

    8. When they introduce you to a new coworker and you try to give them good advice.

    9. When a customer tells you they want to talk to the manager.

    10. When you're having a day off and your boss calls you because one of your coworkers called in sick.

    11. This is actually what you do when a customer wants you to check the back room (even though you told them that you don't have the item they want).

    12. When the store opens on Black Friday.

    13. When a customer recognizes you on the train/bus/subway.

    14. When you can finally leave.

    15. When an item doesn't scan and a customer tells you "IT MUST BE FREE HAHAHAH".

    16. Customer: "I'm won't shop here anymore!" You:

    17. And finally, one word: inventory.

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