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    How Each Sign Behaves On Social Media

    The list you never knew you needed.

    Aries: Your opinion is interesting but I am right


    The Aries spends most of their time on Facebook, scrolling and seeing your posts but tbh they don't care about it. However, they expect you to like the stuff they post. Beware tho, if you dare comment on a subject that matters to them and suggest that your opinion is different than theirs, you might unleash Hell's wrath. Same if you post something they don't agree with.

    NBC / Via

    Of course, not all Aries are like that, and they also love to spend time on Instagram. Don't be fooled tho, they most definitely own various different accounts that help them lurking and stalking their crushes. You see, Aries are very frank and honest when it comes to confronting people on different subject, but when it is about love...they tend to get as shy as lambs.

    Taurus: Food & porn

    Is addicted to YouTube and loves creating playlists on Spotify. Has tons of cooking videos saved on Facebook but never actually cooks, nah. The regular Taurus could not be bothered with cooking. Food is great, yes but the whole process of making it is exhausting.

    Your Taurus friend is the one who secretly owns a Twitter account where they can like and watch all the porn they want. They hate Tumblr and do not really understand how it works, but they cannot live without Snapchat. They don't send nudes, they receive them (probably sent by some Aquarius or Sagittarius).

    Gemini: LOL I already saw it on Tumblr 3 months ago

    Geminis share almost all the posts they see on Facebook and retweet all the "funny" tweets on Twitter (funny for the Gemini standard of course). They are not scared to post or tag you on the weirdest memes and they own a Tumblr. They talk about their Tumblr a lot actually.

    Geminis will post or talk about baby animals and in the next second, they will share gore details about their favorite serial killer. For some weird reason they love the live feature on Instagram and tend to overuse it.

    Cancer: Dear diary...I mean Facebook friends

    Cancers use social medias as a diary, no joke. They literally will post about every single thing that happens to them, and will describe how it happened. The sensitive cancer also loves to share their favorite poems and the last video of Lana del Rey.

    You can count on the Cancer to like/comment/retweet anything you post. They have a that "caring vibe" they can't help but share. Of course, it can be a bit too much, especially when Cancer new mom can't help but post ALL the pics of their newborns.

    Leo: Have you seen my selfie?

    Selfies, selfies, selfies and more selfies. Have you liked their selfies? No? Don't worry, they will remind you to do so. Leos are fun, loud and generous but Leos love one thing more than anything in the world: themselves. Find them on Instagram, they basically own the place. Likes and follows is all it takes to make them the happiest.

    Fox / Via

    Don't worry, you will find Leos everywhere. They probably have a YouTube channel where they do make up tutorials or post about their favorite vacation spots. They know how to use filters and trust me, they are the best in this category. They change their profile pictures a lot, and if they did it on Facebook, you will know they will do it on ALL the other social media.

    Virgo: Which Wikipedia article should I edit today?

    Don't be fooled by their big brains and high analytic minds, Virgos love social media. Of course, they love to share their favorite posts/articles about political stuff, environment or current world situation but they also have a dark side, and trust me, they are very good at hiding it *wink, wink*.

    Parkwood / Colombia / Via

    Virgos have a personality for all the social media plateforms. Serious on Facebook, crazy on Twitter. They do not hesitate to get into verbal conflicts to prove how smart they are - and yes they are. It will certainly hurt your ego, as Virgos have that ability to poke where it hurts. But you will also find them following YouPorn, @ing their favorite porn star and sharing their favorite scenes. We see ya Virgos.

    Libra: Balance is key

    Libras hate to be alone and yes, like Leos they need all the attention, which can explain why they love sending nudes so much. Of course, they only send solicited nudes, Libras are very polite, diplomatic and they would never do something that could get you mad or hurt you.


    Libras probably own a secret Snapchat account where they post nudes or sexy stuff. Ain't nothing wrong with that, as long as it is between consenting adults. Libras love balance, they will be the funniest on one social media and completely crazy on the other. They have two faces but that is what makes them complete. So there is nothing suprising with seeing them talking about how hard it is to raise a parrot on Facebook and also see them showing off their booty on Snapchat.

    Scorpio: It is not stalking if I don't get caught

    Dark, mysterious and emo as fuck, you always notice Scorpio's posts, no matter what the subject is. They LOVE Twitter and Twitter loves them back. They have lots of followers and they hardly ever are on Facebook. It is too conventional for them and also, it does not allow them to stalk everyone they want to stalk, as you need to be friends with someone to see their profile (unless it is a public profile).

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Tumblr is their second home, where they anonymously post intense stories and texts, things they would not dare to show to the real world, because they are too personal. Scorpios are secretive and there is a whole world they are hiding from you, but don't take it personally, that's just the way they are. However, their favorite activity is to lurk and they are great at it. Have you any doubt about your BF cheating on you? A Scorpio is faster and cheaper than the FBI and will get you all the info you need.


    The Sag have a famous YouTube channel where they talk about their trips, travels and travel tips. They also have an Instagram account - also followed by a lot of people - where they post pics of them everywhere around the world. They are very talkative and can spend HOURS talking about their favorite subject (usually, traveling around the world).

    ABC / Via

    You can count on Sags to ask you to like their Facebook page or another Facebook page. They love social media and it is a work and a communication tool for them. As they are hardly ever home, it is a good way for them to keep in touch with their families or friends. They are not feeling lonely or alone, they love space and freedom, they actually need it. Social media makes them feel close even if there is lot of distance between them and the others.

    Capricorn: Everything was much better before

    Capricorns are very nostalgic and, no matter when they were born, they keep thinking everything was much better before. They will post tons of throwback pics, songs or videos. They are like a huge encyclopedia of the past and seem to own all the vintage stuff in the world. They have a very interesting relationship with social media, as they love old things but could not live without the internet. It helps them express themselves.

    For every single thing you will post, your Capricorn friend will remind you of a throwback fact. It is stronger than them, nostalgia runs in their veins. They also own an Instagram account where they post about their favorite books (usually old ones).

    Aquarius: Sorry I didn't mean to send this nude to you LOL.

    Aquarius are addicted to social medias, as it gives them the opportunity to read about ALL the conspiracies and also they get to meet a lot of people. Aquarians are guilty of posting random posts about Aliens, revolutions and sex. You don't see them a lot on Facebook, unless there are some good memes but the Aquarius know that the memes that are on Facebook are already out dated.

    The CW / The WB / Via

    Nudes? Somebody said nudes? Aquarius think about nudity as a mean of expression and art (again, as long as it is between two consenting adults), so yeah there are a lot of chances that you will get one or two nudes from them. Aquarius also suffer from a God complex and a weird obsession with Aliens, so do not be surprised if you see a post about Workers uniting to overthrow the Bourgeoisie and the next minute you see a video of a UFO spotted. If you decide to have a YouTube channel or something like that, you can count on the Aquarius to be your number one fan!

    Pisces: Look. AT. My. Art.

    ART ALL OVER YOUR TIMELINE. Whether it is songs, texts, novels, poetry, music, painting or drawings, you can count on Pisces to make sure that their talent is EVERYWHERE. Tumblr addicts, they are very famous on this platform. They live for Spotify's Indie playlist and prefers to spend time on the web rather than the real life, as they are a bit socially awkard.


    Nobody puts so much effort into their works, Pisces often doubt about lots of things but not about their talents, they know how to express themselves through arts and tbh, we STAN. They are also very supportive and are the first to like everything you post (sometimes it feels like they are on every platform at the same time, which is probably the case).

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